Installation is easy for your 1984 to 2016 Softail.  Your order from Tail-Art will include a metal insert for the right and left side of your bike.  Also included is a custom shape piece of two-sided foam tape for each side.  Installation will only take around 10 minutes.

1st Step:  Remove button from the bike frame.  

On the right side of your bike the frame recess has a small plastic "button" near the bottom of the recess.  This is a plastic plug for a threaded hole in the frame that can be used for various exhaust pipes.  We will need to remove this plug so your insert lies flat against the frame. Use a plastic spatula or putty knife to lift the button head and grip it with a pair of pliers.  We've found out that the easiest way to get the plug out from here is to unscrew the plug.  Most likely your plug will be unusable after you remove it, but you don't need it anyway since the hole will be covered by your new insert!

Step 2: Clean the frame recesses.

Next, use rubbing alcohol or other cleaning agent to thoroughly clean the frame recess areas and ALLOW TO DRY THOROUGHLY.  (A mixture of 50-70% Isopropyl alcohol and 30-50% distilled water works well)  You want to be sure to remove all dirt and oils from this area.

Step 3:  Attach Foam Tape to Inserts

Peel one side of the two-sided foam tape and attach it to the back of one of the metal inserts.  Be careful, the adhesive is quite strong.  

Step 4:  Attach the insert to the bike.  

Peel the remaining side of the two-sided tape off.  Hold the insert over the frame recess without touching the adhesive.  Center the insert and press down firmly for around 60 seconds.  Once you release the pressure, do not touch the area or insert for at least 30 minutes.  Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for the other side.  

Now you're done!  Go out and enjoy a ride with the coolest Softail frame inserts available!

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