Challenger/ Pursuit Ignition Cover Insert
Challenger/ Pursuit Ignition Cover Insert

Challenger/ Pursuit Ignition Cover Insert

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Finally!  A new part for the Indian Challenger/ Pursuit!  

New! Our exclusive Indian Challenger Ignition Cover Insert!  Fits 2020 and Newer Challenger and Pursuit models (Standard, Limited, Darkhorse and Elite)   Everything with the liquid cooled PowerPlus engine!! 

This fits on the left side ignition cover.  Attaches easily - remove the existing thin metal plate badge (if equipped with one) and mount with the supplied double-sided 3M tape.

This is the first part we've designed for the Challenger.  Yes, we know there is a matching cover on the right side of the bike for the air intake, but we wanted to get a feel for how many of you still have that right side cover or if you've replaced it with an aftermarket upgrade.  So, we've added a question to the checkout to let us know if you'd be interested in a matching (mirror-image) version of this cover.

This is brand new piece of artwork that shows our side skull with a full headdress and is a 3-D thing of beauty!  It's zinc-alloy, diecast, and available in 4 finishes: antique silver, chrome, dark finish and a we've made a handful of antique copper pieces as well.  On everything but the dark finish there is a black epoxy in the background to make the design pop.

This piece is from an original sculpture so is not available elsewhere!  These are quality metal parts - not some plastic casting that costs even more!

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